Google’s +1 Button and SEO

You’ve probably heard of Google+, the latest social networking platform launched by Google in the effort to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Did you know that this platform can influence your site’s visibility on Google and its positioning in search results?

Besides the construction of a powerful social networking, the goal for which Google has launched the ‘+1’ (the equivalent of button ‘Like’ from Facebook) is to determine the social value of sites. In other words, they want all visitors to add recommendations ‘+1’ on Web sites.

Since its launch in June 28 last year, over 28 million people have joined Google+. Many owners of sites are already wondering whether these recommendations ‘+1’ will affect the way they use SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Google+ combines many popular features of Facebook and Twitter in a centralized social environment. The most relevant in terms of SEO is ‘Google Circles’, a feature that allows users to share content with some ‘circles’ of friends. As long as users form these circles of friends, they will be able to see in their search results the websites that other members have recommended by ‘+1’ button.

Google+ is not SEO in the traditional way. Marketers should focus on providing the best experience for their customers and encourage them to recommend ‘+1’ for their site.

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