Friendly Web Design

Caromtex Design is a Montreal web design agency and in this article presents a general rule of the layout of certain elements on a website in terms of friendly web design and SEO.


On a site layout logo should be positioned in the upper left corner of the site and try to keep the logo relatively small and compact, not more than 280px wide.


This is ideal at the top of the page or just below the logo or its right.

Contact Details

The main contact information, such as call to action, such as phone numbers and e-mail should be placed in a module in the top right of the page and at the bottom to contain minor contact details.

Page content

Then the real content of the page appears in the center of a web page with three columns and center right on a site with two columns. For Blogs, Sidebar is preferred on the right and the site content on the left.

Company details

This type of information should be placed at the bottom of your site and have a reference to contact details page.

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