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More infoWhy do you need a website?

The Internet became an integral part of our life. Millions of people use the Internet to reach the new information required to satisfy their needs. A website can insure a new and originally identity in order to spotlight your company and your services on the Internet.

  • A website adds more credibility to your company and in meantime offers to the customers more confidence because they appeal to the services of a serious company
  • A website attracts hundreds, thousands of potential customers of whole world. Your company will be internationally recognized through the Internet, challenge that cannot be reached without this extensive advertising
  • Be always a step forward of your competition. Your virtual image will help you not only to attract new customers but also to guarantee their fidelity. You can persuade them that your products and services are different, using an appropriate presentation
  •  A website presents your products and your services in a very easy and modern way for less expensive than other advertising forms

More infoWhy calling for a professional web design company?

  • Impress your customers! The first impression counts a lot!
  • A website conceived in a professional way will increase the confidence of the customers concerning your company. Distinguish you among several competitors!
  • A website build in original way will bring you only advantages!
  • Grow-up in a professional way! 

Choose the quality! Take advantage of ingenuity, creativity and experience of our designers who are going to offer you the ideal site for your business. Take benefit from advice of specialists in web design field! Our websites are designed using the most modern technologies.

More infoStart a new company? You need a website as image of your project!

We offer more than the design of websites. We can create you a visual identity for your business, which is an essential part for every company. The visual identity represents the perception of your customers on your trademark.

More infoHow to modify the contents of a website later?

Our websites are built in a flexible way to be able to grow up in meantime with your company. We chose to make easy updates but not less qualitative, done in short time.

More infoWhich technologies are used to conceive a website?

We can offer you a wide range of current technologies that constitutes the website basis: XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, Shockwave.

More infoHow insure the maintenance and support for a website already published?

A website must be systematically updated and verified to make sure that it is adapt to our customers needs. In order to insure better quality of our services, we provide the following services:

  • Periodical update of site
  • Technical Support to change the hosting server
  • Fix incompatibilities or errors as soon as possible

More infoWhat do I need to have a website?

First of all you need a domain where your site to be found. Secondly you need a hosting server to host the site and thirdly you need a team to create your site and its necessary files.

More infoWhat is a web design or layout?

An important component is the layout – the graphic part of a web application or website. It contains graphic details and combinations of images, fonts, colors and lines. The creative part of a web project can be found often in web design. Our team will provide you a modern layout, based on current requirements of usability, company identity and branding.

More infoWhat is the usefulness of a website?

The answer is neither short nor easy. You can find dozens of reasons but there are some general ones that could convince you of the need for a website. Firstly a website can be visited by millions of people, potential customers. Secondly, customers can find your products and services from the comfort of their office or home. Whatever the activity, a website will certainly contribute to the development of your business.

More infoWhy is the design of the website so important, as long as the site works?

Visitors of your site perceive the quality of your services or products through web design. The first impression of a customer or a potential client depends on the design of your website. Visitors will be more interested in exploring your site if it is attractive and easy to navigate.

More infoWhat is a search engine?

A search engine is a server that sends a robot (called a spider / crawler) to navigate the Internet alone, tracking the existing links on the pages it visits. All found pages are then registered in a database.

An indexing program analyses these documents and indexes them by the words contained in each web resource (pages, PDF, RTF documents).

When a user that uses a search engine and searches certain keywords, the search engine will look in the database and according to its own criteria will create a results list displayed by the relevance of each web resources.

More infoWhat are the main search engines?

The main search engine is Google (with a market share above 60%). This is followed by Yahoo (20%) and MSN (10%). Other major search engines are: Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, AOL, Hotbot, Teoma, Looksmart, Lycos.

More infoWhat is a web directory?

A web directory is a list of websites, classified into categories and subcategories, maintained by people (not crawlers). Sites are checked and submitted manually by specialized editors.

More infoWhat are the main web directory?

The most important web directory is DMOZ (also known as the ODP – Open Directory Project). It contains thousands of sites, carefully checked by specialized editors, for each category. Registration is free and can take up to six months, and sometimes even more, so patience is required.

Registration in DMOZ is important because a simple listing here brings up to 300 listings to other web directories that use it as the main source (including Google).

Other important web directories: Yahoo, GoGuides, Zeal, Bluefind, LookSmart, Jayde.

More infoHow to submit the site in search engines and Web directories?

Search engines use robots to index web pages. These robots find a link to your page in the pages that are already indexed in the database, or process its own waiting list.

Submitting a site in search engines refers to the submission in this list directly. Separately, for each search engine, the site must be submitted in this list.

Submission is very simple, no other information than the first page web address (URL) being needed. Registration in search engines is free (in most cases), and paid.

More infoHow do I choose keywords for my site?

Choosing keywords is a vital part of SEO process. Highly relevant keywords for the site are not enough - they must also be common terms used in searches and not used by rivals. We can help with finding the key words - quickly and easily.

More infoHow quickly SEO results can be seen?

It takes a while until the search engines finds and indexes the site content so that pages appear in search results. It is very important the age of the site, the platform the site is based on and many other aspects. The average period until the results appears is about 1-3 months.

More infoWhat is the logo or logo creation?

A logo represents the image of the company to the partners, customers, ordinary visitors and potential customers.