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More infoWhat is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is the promotion of products and services over the Internet. Internet Marketing also refers to search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on specific websites, email marketing and web strategies.

Internet Marketing helps companies to add potential customers. Most companies adopt Internet Marketing to generate better business.

Online marketing helps to promote business products and services according to market demands and standards.

More infoAdvantages and disadvantages of Internet Marketing

A major advantage of Internet Marketing is that information and content are not limited in time and geographical space. Customers can shop anytime and anywhere they want to.

Another advantage of Internet Marketing is that companies can find much easier the clients that are interested in their business and attract a wide audience with low advertising costs.

Another advantage is that the advertisers can use a variety of methods, such as pay per click, pay per impression, pay per play and pay per action in order to determine which messages or offerings are more appealing to the audience.

The disadvantage of Internet Marketing is that the customers are unable to touch, to smell, to taste and to try on the products before making an online purchase.

Another disadvantage is the tight competition. By the time a visitor finds you, he has already been clicking many other links and if he is not quickly satisfied of your offer, you lose him.

More infoInternet Marketing strategy

Internet Marketing strategies are not easy to be applied. Internet Marketing is a specialized domain where the Internet Marketing consultant plays a very important role. Therefore the need of an Internet Marketing consulting is as big as the need of a lawyer or accountant. He is a must for a business success.

The importance of Internet Marketing strategies has increased with the growth and importance of the Internet. Nowadays most companies adopt Internet Marketing strategies to increase traffic to their business websites and the amount of sales of their business.

What is an Internet Marketing strategy?

  • Online research. Each company must research the market and find out its main competitors and what they do to develop their own products online.
  • Data Analysis it helps companies to find out what are their main strengths and weakness of their competitors.
  • Strategy development. When a company knows its target market and competitors, it`s time for it to start creating an Internet Marketing strategy. This involves pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), email, blogging, video blogging, webinars, link building, banner exchange and others.
  • Monitoring performance. This is the last step that helps companies monitoring their Internet Marketing campaigns in order to discover what works and what doesn`t, what are the keywords which people typed into search engines to find your site. Google Adwords is a very useful Internet Marketing tool to test all these and get amazing results.

More infoInternet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing is used by companies who want to introduce and advertise online their products and services by using different tools.

Internet Marketing tools can be used to find the hotspot of your website the place that gets the most traffic.

These tools can also help ensure a top ranking for your website.

There are Internet Marketing tools for all kind of business and include: keyword research tools, affiliate marketing tools, back linking tools, content tools, SEO tools and tools for tracking and analyzing. Some of these tools are free and others not. It is noteworthy that that all these tools are useless if they are not used properly. That`s why the necessity of an Internet Marketing consultant is essential for any business that has as main goal reaching a top ranking on online market.