Need to increase your audience?

SEO MontréalYou have the best products on the market, you have a serious business and your entire team is motivated. This is perhaps a passion to provide the services you offer on the site. Or your site is unique due the information it makes available to Internet users. Well, despite your expectations, it is not enough to get a good traffic.

What are the causes?

It is likely that your site is not attractive enough for users, it is not updated, the product descriptions are too brief or too common, the design of your site is ordinary or difficult to detect or that the photos are not convincing.

What to do?

  • Present yourself professionally

Even if you sell on the internet, you have to win the trust of your buyers. It is therefore absolutely necessary to take care of About Us and Contact pages. By presenting the history of the company, the business number, full address, phone numbers, all you do is provide proof of professionalism and respect for your customers. A good idea is to add photos of your company and a map with its location. Just as well you can add photos of your team with blurbs, qualifications, etc.

  • Highlight your products

If your client can not actually touch the products, the virtual presentation should be without any defect. It is therefore necessary first to take good pictures to satisfy the curiosity of customers. But even if they say a picture is worth a thousand words, the truth is that it is essential to know how to create a compelling description. Copy and paste text from suppliers or other such companies has no effect for your customers who want to read clear, detailed information, written by experts in the field.

  • Call an SEO agency

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a field that aims to increase the popularity of a site in search engines, especially Google. It is known that most virtual stores attract their visitors and customers so through the medium of search engines. Therefore it is obvious why the position in the search engines makes the difference.

What exactly a SEO agency can do for you?

There are several strategies that can be implemented, analysis of keywords and results that can attract visitors to your web site, campaigns to get inbound links. It can also promote the site in social media and advertising campaigns with Google Adwords or also update the blog by experts in copywriting.

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