Celebrating social media!

design web montrealWe have not succeeded to create a robot that is consistent with human beings and we will certainly never succeed, because in our case, it is a life that we cannot replicate. By cons, we make efforts for decades to borrow machine intelligence and precision.

Thus, we have the phones to communicate with people who are in places where we cannot reach, we have machines to do our jobs, we have the electronics to provoke our intelligence, our ability to respond.

Fortunately, it is still we who control the devices and it is comforting to know that we can create virtual communities. This is the case of social media that encourage collaboration, collective intelligence, exchange and mutual enrichment.

People, who are part of this community, work together to create web content and to improve the indexing.

The part that has the greatest interest in the Internet is probably related to social networks. These can be designed for creating content or contacting individuals. See Facebook, which is a network of contact, and evolves by integrating more and more content with each user. Its most obvious competitor, Twitter, who first created the content, it is more and more used for contacts and discussions.

Regarding the discussions, everyone knows Skype the most commonly used tool, which serves thousands of people to communicate for free via internet or Messenger.

These social networks have also changed the face of the labor market, in the sense that there are networks such Linkedin that facilitates the contact between employers and potential candidates.

Regarding the content, just check out the Wikipedia site to learn to appreciate a community that offers a similar product at zero cost. And let’s not forget Youtube, this great network that made available to anyone video from early cinema conferences and all contemporary performances and lessons on almost all imaginable things!

So instead of worrying about the future of humanity surrounded by machines, it is better to take advantage of resources that social media provide us.

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