Website Page Rank

  • What is Page Rank?

Page Rank or PR is a score (0 to 10) given by Google to a site and, at the same time, a classification criterion for pages with similar content.

  • What are the principles?

Google analyzes the links that exist between the various pages. If page A points to a page B is like a vote from the first to the second. Google analyzes the quantity and quality of links pointing to a page. Google takes into account many factors, such as domain name, hosting, web preferences and many others.

  • Can we check the PR of a website?

There are many tools to check the PR of your own site or a site of interest. However, we should know that there are two types of Page Rank. The first is released by Google and updated every few months, while the second, internal and unknown to users, is updated daily.

  • What is the use of Page Rank?

The first advantage of a good PR is that it leads to a favorable position in the search results. Then it improves the quality of indexing new pages and increases the rate of visits from search engines (crawling). However important, the Page Rank alone does not ensure a good ranking; it is better to make the effort to create and maintain an interesting and useful website for users to obtain many back links naturally.

  • What to do for a higher PR?

First, as we have already said, we must create quality content that gets a good score. Then, we must ensure that the site has a good loading speed, especially for the home page. In terms of links, it is important that they are obtained from sites with the same area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, with a similar content. And, of course, that these sites have high PR.

We must also ensure that the links are placed on active pages the longest time possible. Another factor that can help increase the popularity of the web site is SEO Sera. The act of optimizing a website for a certain research may lead to a better place in the results, even before a site with a higher PR. In conclusion, the Page Rank is an aspect not to be ignored for a site!

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