Website optimization for mobiles. Where to start?

Website design MontrealThe world today is different than yesterday. If the websites are still current, the need for mobility fact that these sites need a change in approach. In other words, they must be adapted to new mobile technical means. The computer even if portable is losing ground against smartphone, iPhone and tablets. It is therefore necessary to optimize your site for devices like that.

How to do it?

First you must put yourself in the user’s skin and seize his expectations. He surfs on the internet probably to make a reservation, an order, for information on products and he does that during his job or a break, therefore it does not have much time. As a result, he expects a page that loads quickly and it offers accurate and easy to find data. In other words, speed and synthetic consistency.

If you decide to create a mobile version for site, slightly different from desktop version, the first step to do is to create a subdomain for mobile, like

1. For optimal loading speed of this page, which does not exceed 3 seconds, do remove all information that is taking up too much space and slow loading. Just keep the coordinates of the company (address, email, phone), which are clearly visible, services, prices and benefits for customers.

Sections with too elaborate presentation will not have success for a tablet or iPhone user. Similarly, it is preferable to limit the number of pages accessed using these devices.

For the same reason avoid the Flash content that some smartphones do not support. Rather prefer simple images, adaptable to any screen size. A simple aspect, organized and enjoyable is everything a user searches for.

2. So that your website maintains its consistency, keep all branding elements of your classic site and the same design. On the other hand, rearrange the appearance using large keys (as the number of Touchscreen is increasing) and visible research fields for easy access from these devices. Make easy access to your basic information, highlight it and you will increase traffic to your website.

The last and very important thing to consider is to use only vertical scroll bars, which tend to become exclusive also for desktop sites.

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