Google Updates

Recent updates from Google alerted many Webmasters. Is your page rank safe? Do you have to worry about these Google updates? Here are three things you can do in order to be one step ahead of Google updates.

Google wants the same thing as you!

Google wants to offer those who do a web search, the solution of their problems. Prove Google that your site offers the best solution for your clients.

Focus on your visitors and Google will follow you

Some webmasters try to create an ideal pattern of backlinks for Google. No need to do so. A backlink is a quality link only if it brings targeted visitors to your site. To find quality backlinks you have to ask one thing: “Can I get quality visitors through this link?” If so, you should try to get the link. Do not worry too much about the “pattern” of backlinks. If you create useful links for your visitors / users, Google will approve your links.


Getting visitors via Google is great, but should not be your only source. Each new source that brings visitors to your site will make you less dependent on Google:

  • Subscribe sites in Bing and other search engines;
  • Get links from sites with the same theme that can bring visitors to your sites;
  • Improve your page conversion rate and get quality visitors (returning visitors);
  • Develop relationships with companies and individuals from your branch (that relate to your business site).

Google wants to display quality sites in search results. If your site has compelling (quality) content, which offers a solution to a certain problem, Google will give your pages high ranking. Do not try to be Google’s liking! Do not create a website only for search engines. Try satisfying the visitors / users of your site!

Display quality content, get backlinks that will bring visitors and offer a valuable website. Thus you will place your business in a top position of search engines results.

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