SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are marketing techniques that can bring traffic on your site. PPC Ads are a way to “buy” visitors to the company’s website by bidding ads that are displayed in the search results pages by certain keywords. SEO is a natural way to get top rankings in search engines by creating a website that contains keywords and a solid infrastructure of links.

But what method is most appropriate for your company?

Although both SEO and PPC marketing tactics have advantages, it seems that for search engines, natural optimization tends to have a greater profit rate to investors (return of investment – ROI).  Although calling a SEO company for getting a better position for your website requires a higher initial investment than starting a PPC campaign, SEO provides more substantial income over time. After the initial investment, SEO will require further minimum investments, close to zero, in order to continue to attract traffic. On the other hand, through a PPC campaign, once you stop investing, also stops the traffic coming from search engines.

It is a common error to believe that these PPC campaigns are more manageable than the SEO campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth. To maintain a PPC campaign, your company needs to invest more time, money and effort, in order to analyze the campaign, to calculate the biddings and write new ads. SEO requires an investment of time and experience, while PPC requires time, experience and constant flow of money.

Another disadvantage of PPC is the increasing fraud of clicks. This is an attack on a PPC campaign, in order to destroy its profitability. Another type of fraud would be repeated searching, but without clicking on PPC links, which can cause the ads to be removed, because they have a display / click rate too small. Although search engines do their best to avoid these frauds, it is impossible to avoid completely. Natural SEO results are immune to such attacks.

On the other hand a PPC campaign is brought to its true value only in combination with an SEO campaign. Achieving a PPC campaign takes very little time, sometimes less than 15 minutes. On the other hand, SEO campaigns can take up to three months to begin to show results. PPC campaign can begin to bring traffic to your site before SEO campaign. PPC can also get top positions in search engines with the same keywords used for SEO. Finally, PPC can strengthen the position of the website based on certain keywords. Search engine users see results both in natural lists and column for PPC and they feel more confident than if they would find a single result.

Contact our SEO experts and they can help your company to achieve top positions in search engines for the most important keywords.

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