How to avoid SEO penalties

Perhaps the greatest fear of webmasters is to be penalized by the biggest search engine – Google! Taking into consideration that Google wants to provide relevant results to the public, and webmasters daily are seeking solutions to improve websites visibility, Caromtex Design  – web design Montreal – presents you some mistakes you should avoid:

Do not spam!

In order to gain more visitors, many webmasters try to trick the search engines algorithms. For example: you are the webmaster of a blog of insurance, but you not succeed to get the desired results with certain keywords. As a “solution”, you insert fictional pages or tags on topics totally irrelevant to your niche.

Cloning websites

There are many situations when webmasters have been penalized by Google for copying scripts or themes. Anyone may report this kind of activity to Google, with the condition to prove that the work belongs to you.

Hiding text

Another technique used by some webmasters is to generate some content for a certain niche and hide it from visitors, who have access only to the real content, and this way they fool the search engines. But it seems that Google robots have “learned” to read CSS files and realize exactly what the internet users see – the s technique is outdated, but is still used by some.

Nobody wants a Google penalty. Sometimes this can lead to reduced visibility in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and sometimes can ban keywords, or even the domain.

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