Choose the right name for your website

Choosing a name for the website is a decision almost as important as choosing the name for the company. Before talking about how to choose the right name for a website we should explain what this means: a domain name is the address you enter in the Web browser navigation bar.

Usually this name begins with the familiar “www” (world wide web), followed by the name you have chosen and ends with .com (international) .net (network) .gov (for governmental associations), .org (non-profit) .info (for sites that provide information), etc.;  each domain is different, no two websites with the same name.

Before looking for web design services it is very important to establish the domain name, because it can be compared to a street address that brings visitors to the site.

How to choose the domain name?

To be sure you choose the right name for your web site it is important to keep into account criteria such as:

  • choose the domain name before you start creating the site;
  • check whether the domain name you have selected is available;
  • it is advisable to choose a short and catchy domain;
  • the domain name should reflect the field of activity of the site / company;
  • the domain name must be original and to attract visitors attention and interest;
  • it is important to attract visitors through search engines, so our suggestion is to enter into the domain name at least one keyword;
  • when you have a domain name consisting of more than one word, you can choose from a number of characters allowed to separate words;
  • once you’ve chosen your domain name, register it and start to create the site.


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