Social networking and SEO

It is already known that social media strategies and links to social networks bring traffic, reputation and good positioning.

For community managers social networks are the ideal platform to create an open relationship between brand and audience.

But why are they so popular and hunted by SEO consultants? What is the real value of these links for search engine positioning?

It is important to know that social networks are the perfect tool for a linking strategy.

First, at this moment, social networks are the most important generators of unique content. Consider, for example, a Facebook page or group dedicated to a specific area. The content of this page will be constantly updated. A link placed in such an environment will benefit of: a domain with authority (Facebook), relevant content (the page is dedicated to a well defined area) and traffic (assuming that the audience is a large group).

Second, social networks are ideal for link building, or in other words the technique which creates a tendency among users to post links to the website that we want to promote. Social networks are used by most of us to share new things and, a creative campaign or well-placed news has good chance to spread rapidly among users.

Therefore, social networks offer a huge audience and many possibilities for creating quality links and good positioning in search engines.

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