Another five solutions to get back the old Facebook interface

Caromtex Design is a web design company in Montreal and in this article our team presents you five solutions to get back your old Facebook interface.

1, Facebook Photo Theater Killer is the solution for Firefox

New interface for viewing pictures is also called Photo Theater, hence the name of this addon for Mozilla Firefox. Unlike the solution for Chrome, this plug in fir Firefox requires the installation of Greasemonkey add-on in Firefox, an extension which allows running java scripts that change display mode of certain pages. In this case is about removing the photo viewer’s pop-up.

2. Get Back Old Facebook Chat for the old interface of chat

Considering the advantages of the old chat interface, where was obvious who in the list was online, is highly questionable why Facebook wanted to change it. However, if you prefer the old interface of chat Mugilan C. Prime came up with a solution. Just install the extension in the title in Chrome and you will get rid of both the news ticker, and the new chat interface.

3. Tidy Facebook Chat for Firefox allows you to view online friends only

The big problem is that the new interface displays all the friends who have Facebook chat list. Thanks to Nicolas Maravitti extension for Firefox that takes care of the filter, you can see more easily which of your friends are online.

4. Get the “Comment” button with Facebook Comment Fixer

To avoid mistakes and to be able to read once again until click the old “Comment” button, install Facebook Comment Fixer add-on created by Matt Kruse for Google Chrome.

5, The solution for Firefox is F.B. Purity

Even if the portfolio with functions of F.B. Purity for Firefox browser is extremely broad, among those functions is included the “Comment” button.


Whatever inconvenience caused you the new Facebook interface it is very likely that a programmer just upset as you to have created an extension to solve the problem.

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