SEO Mistakes in the title of a web page

Caromtex Design offers Montreal SEO services. Here are some SEO recommendations about  the title of the site web pages.

The title of a website is one of the most important SEO factors over which you have control, but that is neglected by a lot of people. Whether you want to improve your site optimization for search engines or just want to make it easier to use by visitors you should avoid these five mistakes involving a web site page titles.

The lack of web page title

The number of pages without title is huge. A simple Google search on the keyword “untitled document” will reveal millions of results – pages that have not set a title. It is used by search engines as the title search result, so its absence will make your page not to be found in any desired search keywords. The same thing happens if the page title is not set correctly.

Title is too long or too short

As the title of a page is longer, so its effect is diminished in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google and other search engines display 60-70 title characters. Exceeding this size has a negative effect for optimization. On the other hand, a title too short (consisting of 1-2 words) restricts search results to just one keyword.

Optimal situation is to have a title consisting of two key words inserted in an expression (approx. 6 words, characters 35-40). Thus the title is not too crowded, and keyword power is not diminished. Think of user when writing the title. A short title does not say much regarding the content of this page and a title too long is boring and hard to read.

Keyword cannibalization

Many so-called SEO experts use to crowd keywords in title. The result is not a title but a meaningless string of words to visitors. This practice will not have any good results in terms of SEO. Keywords should be placed naturally in a phrase or a sentence.

Duplicate titles on web pages

Another common mistake is to use the same title to multiple Web pages. Each site is individual, so the title should be different. In addition a search engine will never know which page is better to be displayed to searches.

Company name in the title of all web pages

Avoid using your company name in the titles of all pages. Exceptions may be names which are just keywords. It occupies space in the title and thus diminishes the effect of keywords. The only pages that are recommended to contain in title the company name are contact pages and pages with information about the company. Titles that contain company name should display them at the end. Search engines give more importance first words in the title, so it is good for the company name to be displayed at the bottom of the title.

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