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Caromtex Design is a Montreal web designer that offers professional logo design service for your business.

A logo is defined as a graphic element used to identify a company, a product of an organization, an event etc. Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. The logo (ideogram) is the image embodying an organization.

A logo has to be perfect. A well chosen logo is the first step to build your visual identity. Designing a good logo is not a simple task and requires a lot of involvement from the marketing team and the design agency.

If you want to create a blog, a commercial site or personal site, you really need to have a logo that attracts users and increase your traffic.

Creating a brand image on web begins with the logo and the slogan. Company’s visual identity conveys the idea of ​​professionalism.

The name of a site is not changed as often as an office address, phone numbers, e-mails. It is your virtual location, stable, with a potential to be visited by millions and millions of people worldwide. Visit card can be lost, the brochure can be thrown, but the website is always present and can be consulted whenever necessary. Unfortunately it does not ensure a certain level of exposure as advertisements on TV would ensure and which are surely viewed by a certain number of viewers. On the website come only visitors who seek information in the field and many of them are not part of your target audience.

On the Web market you can be as big as you want, no matter what is the real dimension of the business. You can attract more clients than your competitors do, if you provide more information and if you’re more original.

The creation process is involves some very important steps:

  • a market research which shows the brand’s position on the market, identification of competition and targeted audience;
  • an internal study which shows the intention or purpose of the respective company (where it wants to reach and by what means), the understanding of the importance of the image that the company promotes by the company staff etc.

Then choose the basic elements – the name, the basic color, the characters type (if applicable) and the type of campaign.

Regarding the name it is considered: if it is conservative or nonconformist, choosing a single word or several words, about the impact.

Characters are also divided into several categories: with or without serif, script type, decorative or monospace (those that can be integrated in a logo).

The campaigns can be ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the line). It is about the differentiation between campaigns presented on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, or any type of media where you pay rent for space and campaigns made ​​by mail, email, flyers, brochures, posters, or any other type of media / print / electronic where you do not pay rent and is much cheaper. Generally ATL is used for the company and BTL for the brand. It is obvious that the BTL is more directly, more incisive and you control much easier your target with it.

Caromtex Design designs professional, attractive, original and personalized logos for any type of business.

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