You need a blog related to your website !

We opened a new blog related to our company website at the beginning of March 2010.
Anybody knows how important a website is in our days. A blog is a quite different marketing tool to promote a business, services or products. Compared to a website that is a presentation tool, the blog allows people to communicate. Inside Caromtex Design blog, we try to share our ideas and news with our customers and our friends.

After first post on our blog we had our first big surprise!
First article, posted on March 03, 2010, it was a post about one of our websites made and launched online in October 2009, Few days after, we figured out that this page of our blog is very appreciated by Google. Please see the picture bellow:

This is a screen capture of a Google search for the word “foulhoux”. As you can notice, the page of our blog pass even before the original website !!!
There are two conclusions on this situation:
– a blog is very appreciated by Google, and is very strong tool to promote a business, services or products
– a blog associated to an existing website will make you more stronger into WWW. Imagine a blog
Caromtex Design can implement a blog into your website, just contact us 😉 !!!

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